Fit for Purpose

Is your sales team ready for the future?

It is important that companies respond well to changes in the market. Precisely by moving along with new developments as a company, you make the difference compared to your competitors.

The current situation demands that you as a company can quickly respond to major changes. Preparing your sales team for these changes is therefore more on-topic than ever.

The Covid19 crisis makes sure that this all is more important. The past few months have been the period to make your sales team focus even better on the developments and changes in your customers' markets.
One of the concepts that came up in recent months is 'Fit for Purpose'. By this we mean whether and how you as a team are able to deal with these changes with your customers.

How do you know if your team is Fit for Purpose and what do you have to do to get it fit?

Not only during Covid19, also for the longer term, it is increasingly important that your sales team can deal more effectively with setbacks and opportunities. We call this mental resilience.
Your customers have ever higher demands, that's why your team needs to be flexible and more agile. So that the team can anticipate changes at your customers even faster and more adequately.

A crucial role has been set for Sales Management. Sales Leadership is more than ever essential to make your sales teams more future-proof. In times of crisis, real leaders stand up and the right leadership is essential to develop and optimize the different qualities and pitfalls of employees.

Instant insight into the qualities and priorities of your sales team

SalesStep is the best, most useful and validated Online Sales Assessment that provides instant insight into the sales qualities and development priorities of your sales people. By answering a questionnaire of 120 questions, a score is calculated based on 23 different and relevant sales competencies. By these competencies we mean important qualities such as sales drive, your passion, your motivation,
relationship management and acquisition and closing skills. All relevant skills that support your results and the progress of your career in sales. SalesStep presents with its dashboard all 23 competences in a clear overview.

In addition to this, you will receive a report with detailed information and explanation on the different components. The results of a SalesStep Assessment are ideal for interviews with applicants. Not only will you take the candidate in question seriously, you will also get a clear picture of the applicant immediately. This way you know if the candidate is suitable for the vacancy: Fit for purpose!

In addition, Teamviewer from SalesStep offers a comprehensive and data driven overview of your entire sales team. We also call this the T-0 analysis and this makes it very clear if the right people are in the right role, and which people have the potential to further develop and how to coach and train them.

Test the adaptability of your clients

If you, as a coach or trainer, help a sales team improve their sales skills or if you manage a sales division, then the online assessment of SalesStep is ideal. Use the assessment during a coaching process and use the accompanying report to see how you can see the qualities and start the development process!

Are you interested? Would you like to use SalesStep to get a better answer on how to can offer online coaching to your customers?

Become a partner of SalesStep now and use the assessment to
more result-oriented coaching of your customers to get more out of your Sales. We have extensive knowledge of sales and assessments and a network of partners to get even more from your coaching!

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