Get in the fast lane with SalesStep

SalesStep provides insight in your sales qualities, the competencies of your sales people and of your sales candidates. We do this by means of a validated and reliable on-line assessment, which provides feedback on over 20 different and relevant sales competencies. The different sales competencies and mindset attributes represent important qualities that you need to deliver your sales results and to progress your career, such as your sales drive, your passion, but also for example your entrepreneurship and your closing skills. With this thorough analysis and its detailed insights you can immediately start your development, or start to improve your teams performance, or speed up on-boarding of your new Sales colleague that you found by using SalesStep as a candidate assessment.

The on-line assessment

What are my strengths and what is my development potential?

SalesStep uses an extensive on-line questionnaire that maps all competencies of a sales professional. We use a validated series of semi-ipsative questions, based on validated sales models and personality tests in combination with our years of experience in sales development and training. The reliability of the questionnaire is very high and therefore the recognition of the results and insights are considered extremely high. In addition, we also measure reliability by means of consistency between answers and the time required for completion. SalesStep can also provides a benchmark that allows your Sales people to be compared to market standards. For Sales Managers we have an extended version of the assessment, including specific managerial skills such as coaching, motivating, process and funnel management and recruitment.

The Dashboard and its report

One page summary of all your sales qualities and development potential

In one complete overview the SalesStep dashboard provides all the information and its results on each of the 24 sales competencies at a single glance. For each competency a different score is provided and displayed. Some competencies, like your Sales Drives they are displayed as starting lights while other appear as high tech meters on your dashboard indicating whether you possess the right attitude for your specific role or function. In SaleStep your Sales Competencies are divided into three main categories: Sales Drives (including your motivational drivers), Sales Attitudes (the four most important attitudes and behaviours that make the difference in your role and organisation) and your Sales Skills (what skill you could further progress and excel in In addition, SalesStep reports on attributes like development potential, reputation, ambition and professional hygiene we give a score for a number of environmental factors that are important. In the extensive management report we provide more explanation about these different categories. Example reports are available on request.

Accelerate your sales performance

Get started with the results

In addition to the dashboard, your individual development report provides more detailed explanation of the various competencies and metrics, as well as a deeper analysis of the results. We also highlight and report on your development potential and ambition. You can use the report to start a discussion with your sales manager for your personal and talent development or to evaluate the appropriate match of a candidates with a sales vacancy. Do you need help in defining the your development areas? We have an extensive network of training partners that can help you.

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