Insights in the sales qualities of yourself, your team or your new colleagues; immediately!

Successful improvement of your sales performance always starts with yourself. However, are you fully aware of your current sales competencies and sales mindset? Do you know what it takes to become a winner in sales?

That is why it is vital to gain insight into your specific sales qualities. With SalesStep, the one step to drive sales performance, you will get these insights in a quick and easy way. SalesStep provides an overview of your motivational drives, sales attitudes & competencies and your development potential in one easy and understandable dashboard.

SalesStep Teamviewer provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s strengths and helps you to compose your team according to your customer’s preferences. Moreover SalesStep is the perfect recruitment tool and helps to avoid “bad hires” or provides guidance in determining the best candidate for a sales manager position.

  • Easy and
  • Easy to complete on-line questionnaire
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Anywhere you like
  • Focus on the development of your sales talents
  • Crystal clear
  • Designed for Sales and Sales only
  • Extensive report with your 24 sales competencies in one dashboard
  • Direct insight in your sales potential
  • Teamview: How do you compare with others?
  • Thorough
    and relevant
  • For Sales people and Sales Management
  • Reliable and comprehensive
  • Scientifically validated questionnaire
  • Compliant with new EU-privacy legislation
  • Improve your sales performance immediately
  • Your report provides a clear overview of your own development potential and priorities
  • Is an excellent preparation for a job interview
  • To develop and train both sales people as complete teams
  • Insight into the match between candidates and sales positions

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