Common questions


At this moment, the questionnaire is available in English, Dutch, German and French. The reports are also available in these languages. We will add other languages, if you would like to use a specific language, please contact us.

It takes about an hour to complete the questionnaire. We advise you to choose a quiet workplace so that you can concentrate sufficiently. It is possible to take a break during completion. We do not recommend answering the questionnaire on your mobile.

As with any assessment, it is wise to answer all questions honestly and instantly. There are no questions that you can practice or rehearse, we mainly ask what you think is important and what you are good at.

Once you have completed the assessment, the dashboard and the report are available.

Please contact our partners if you would like to buy an assessment.


You can create an account with us to use SalesStep for sales candidates. You can decide for yourself how many assessments you want to purchase and use. As soon as an assessment has been completed, you will be immediately notified.
Volume discounts are possible. Contact us about the possibilities.


SalesStep can be used for everyone in the sales team as long as they are quota bearing. The team report (Teamviewer) can be used for teams up to a maximum of 50 people, but organization reports can be provided for higher numbers of people.
For the costs of a SalesStep team report you can contact us, we will make a specific quote for you.


We comply with the new EU-privacy guidelines. This means, among other things, that we only store your data in the Netherlands, that we use the latest security methods, but also that you always remain the owner of your own data. If you want, you can delete your account yourself, including all your data. You also decide who has access to your reports.
You can contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible but always within the legal deadline.

Is your question not listed?

Our team of enthusiastic professionals is ready to help you. - T +31 73 123 45 67 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00)