What does good look like when recruiting sales candidates?

With the SalesStep online assessment 23 sales competencies are analyzed and reported. These valuable insights are used in 22 countries across the world to help recruiting of sales talent and to understand how sales people can boost their performance. But what does good look like?

An important part of SalesStep is the Motivational Drives of Sales People. For obtaining these insights the model of Dr. C Graves is used. The colors indicate both positive as well negative motivational drives whereby Orange stands for Result Orientation (i.e. Sales Success & appreciation).

When we are recruiting sales talent, we often see a strong “passion” for Sales success. Orange is most often the highest drive for sales people.

This may sound obvious to many sales managers; however did you know that more than 46% of sales candidates have different motivational drives? Consequences of this are what we call: Wrong Hires and ineffective sales people that don’t make their numbers.

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How SalesStep works

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