Vision behind SalesStep

For years we have been working for large and small both national and international organisations to develop and train their (sales) people and to help them with the selection of the right candidates. Therefore we have extensive partnerships in place with Sales Training & Consultancy firms that specialize in the development and training of sales staff. For all our customers and partners, development of any sales organisation and its people always starts with understanding the “As-Is”. Therefore it is pivotal to engage with an easy and reliable assessment tool to provide a clear overview of all the sales people and the development potential of the organisation. 

The visual feedback by means of a great designed car dashboard is crucial and appealing for the target audience. Therefore SalesStep offers a higher buy-in from Sales than any other development tool or assessment. Given a typical sales person does not have the time nor the appetite to read through an extensive report, Sales has embraced the one page dashboard; they love it! Nevertheless, the quality of the underlying model and its algorithms and the validation of the results and findings are very important too! In addition, compliance with (the new EU-) privacy guidelines is a prerequisite. SalesStep offers all this and helps sales people to gain a better understanding of themselves, helps sales managers to make better decisions and sales organizations to focus on their business challenges and opportunities.

The SalesStep Team


Douglas has worked for over 25 years in complex sales development & transformation in over 20 countries. Turning vision and plans into reality through his dedication to execution and relentless focus on people is what gives him the most energy.


Sten is an all-round sales strategy consultant with extensive experience in large, medium-sized and small organisations, both in commercial and non-profit sectors. He has a broad network in all sectors and directions and is himself a very good trainer and designer of sales programmes.


As an international expat, Ralitsa has a broad experience in working in teams with people with various backgrounds. What is more, her creativity drives her passion for content creating and managing the marketing of SalesStep.


For many years Jan-Kees, as an (interim) HR professional, helped organizations to improve themselves, often using the combination of assessments and change programs. He is responsible for validation and quality within SalesStep.